Organo Mixtures
Breakdown - Coronary Artery, Cholesterol, Endocardium, Pericardium, Myocardium, Prothrombin. Coronary Artery which supplies the heart itself with blood is a great seat of trouble in heart problems. There is a blockage either through arteriosclerosis or a thrombus, with the result that it is damaged and therefore narrowed. Prothrombin balances the blood clotting mechanism. The endocardium and pericardium are the lining of the heart and must be kept in good condition; otherwise their brother the middle lining, the myocardium, will be affected. It is this that becomes short of blood in a myocardial infarct and part of it dies and scar tissue ensures, this is what we normally call a heart attack.
Usage - Arteriosclerosis, in all heart cases as a heart tonic to prevent a heart attack.


Breakdown - Duodenum, Pancreas, Pancreatic Juice, Vagus
Nerve - The Pancreas sends digestive juice to the Duodenum which is the first part of the small intestines. The Vagus Nerve sends messages to the pancreas and duodenum working in conjunction with emotions.
Usage - In all cases of digestive problems, diabetes, duodenitis, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, and pancreatitis

Breakdown - Hair, Hair Follicules, Sebaceous Glands, Thyroid
Usage - Baldness, dullness of hair, falling hair, thinning hair, hair that needs toning.

Listed below are the rest of the remedies that exist within this category

OM 01 Anaemia
OM 02 Asthmatic conditions
OM 03 Injury and any bone disorders
OM 04 Any condition involving the upper shoulder girdle and neck areas
OM 05 Asteriosclerosis
OM 06 Appendicitis, Colitis, Constipation,
OM 07 Tonic to prevent Heart attack
OM 08 Diabetes/Hypoglycemia
OM 09 Digestive problems, Duodenitis, Duodenal Ulcer, Gastritis, Pancreatitis
OM 10 Deafness, hardness of hearing, Meniere’s disease
OM 11 Blindness, Immature Cataract, loss of reflexes, detached Retina
OM 12 Baldness, dullness of hair, falling/thinning hair
OM 13 Neuralgia of the face, Herpes Zoster
OM 14 Typhoid
OM 15 Kidney Malfunction
OM 16 Knee problems
OM 17 Cirrhosis of the Liver, during or after Jaundice, Nausea, Biliousness
OM 18 Lumbar, Sacral area, painful hips, thighs, legs and feet, sciatic
OM 19 Lung complaints
OM 20 Parkinson’s disease, paralysis of speech
OM 21 Muscle paralysis, reflexes exaggerated.
OM 22 Sterility, low sperm count, non-growth of genitals, delayed development
OM 23 Nasal/sinus problems
OM 24 Fibroids and uterine growths
OM 25 Retina Irregularities
OM 26 Astigmatism, squint
OM 27 For any body parts that are damaged and need repairing
OM 28 Where resistance to illness is low
OM 29 All Macula Lutea problems
OM 30 Restores connective tissues and fibres
OM 31 for repairing and rebuilding nerves, discs in Lumbar, Sacral region
OM 32 Works on the nerves, neurone discs and vertebrae
OM 33 For the Brain Stem and can be used before lumbar punctures
OM 34 Parkinson’s disease
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