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New Mix Adrenal 30 - Acth Hormone, Adrenal Glands, Adrenaline

Breakdown -
Kali Mur
– grey white mucous, enlarged swollen tonsils almost closing throat, rattling phlegm, asthma loud coughing.
Chest Tissue Salts 200:-, enlarged swollen tonsils almost closing the throat: rattling phlegm, asthma, loud coughing.
Ferrum Phos – for susceptibility to chest troubles, bronchitis in children, hard dry cough, expectoration of pure blood in pneumonia, first stage of inflammation.
Nat Sulph - great chest remedy, working especially on the left lower lung, expectoration is thick and yellow, feels every change from dry to wet, any dampness affects chest, asthma in children as a constitutional remedy, every cold brings on asthma.
Silica - tonsils, expectoration thick, like pus suppuration of throat, tissues and chest.
Dosage - TDS for three to four months reduce to OM as chest improves. In acute attacks, give a dose every half hour.

VEIN PILLS 30 (for veins and piles)
Breakdown -
Calc fluor – to replace elasticity in walls of blood vessels, chief remedy for vascular tumours with dilated blood vessels aneurysms valvular disease, bleeding internally or blind piles.
Carbo veg - blue burning piles with pain after stool. Imperfect oxidization, blood stagnates in capillaries causing blueness and ecchymosis, general venous stasis, bluish skin.
Cardius Marianus - liver, works on vascular system and tones up portal area and so takes congestion away from limbs and rectum, bleeding piles, prolapsed rectum, varicose ulcers.
Collinsonia - pelvis and portal congestion resulting in piles (protruding) and constipation, arterial tension, high venous engorgement of rectum, painful bleeding piles.
Fluoric Acid - varicose veins, leg ulcers with red edges and vesicles atony of the capillary and venous system, acts on destructive processes.
Hamamelis - congestion of veins, varicose veins and ulcers, piles bleeding with soreness, ecchymosis, purple spots, engorged veins.
Nux Vom - portal congestion, relaxed rectum, constipation.
Rutin - this is a buckwheat which has a wonderful effect on toning up veins and arteries.
Dosage - TDS over a long period of time. 6TD if in a very bad condition, reduce as condition improves

Breakdown -
Lachesis - sensation of suffocating lying down.
Moonstone Blue:- excellent in many throat conditions.
Sambucus - spasmodic croup, worse at midnight. Child wakes up suddenly, turns blue. Connot expire, nearly suffocates.
Spongia - constricted croup worse during inspiration and before midnight. Breath short and panting, a plug in the throat.
Dosage - as a preventative once a day. Acute attack on very 10 mins.

Breakdown -
Alfalfa - toning up nerves and digestion.
Amino Acid Compound - an allopathic compound potentized.
Avena Sativa - best tonic to boost whole system
Back-Up Mix - another remedy within this set
Combination 12 - the twelve tissue salts
Eye Vitamin Compound - another remedy within this set
Multiple mineral Amina Acids - an allopathic compound potentized.
Usage - For nutritional deficiency in convalescence, eye problems, malnutrition due to bad dietary habits, run-down conditions. M.E. syndrome.

Listed below are the rest of the remedies within this category, excluding the breakdown

01 Amoebic Dysentery 6x
02 Blood 200ch
03 Bone Irregularity 30ch
04 Brain 30ch
05 Brain Tissue Salts 200ch
06 Calming Pills 30ch
07 CB7 200ch for Muscles and Blood Vessels
08 Chest 30ch
09 Chest Tissue Salts 200chy
10 Climacteric 200ch
11 Cold 6x
12 Combination Tissue Salts 6x
13 Constipation 200ch
14 Cramps 200ch
15 Diarrhoea 30ch
16 Drawing 6x
17 Eye 200ch
18 General Fever Mix 200ch
19 Hayfever 6x
20 Injury 200ch
21 KBS 30ch for Gout, Arthritis, Rheum, Kidney
22 Liver 30ch
23 Menses Irregular 200ch
24 Rheumatics and Arthritis 200ch
25 Shock 200ch
26 Penmycin 200ch
27 Skin 30ch
28 Sleep 200ch
29 Sufi 30ch for Stomach Ulcer, Flatulence, Digestion
30 Throat 200ch
31 Tonsils 6x
32 Vein Pills 30ch
33 Vitiligo 30ch
34 Water Balance 30ch
35 Worms 30ch
36 War 1M
37 Acidity 30ch
38 Back Pain 30ch
39 Tooth Decay 30ch
40 Knees 30ch
41 Psoriasis 200ch
42 SS Pills 200ch for Female/Male Libido problems
43 Tremors 30ch
44 Trigeminal neuralgia CM
45 Atomic Radiation 50M
46 Allergy 2 200ch
47 Cataract Compound 1M
48 Vitamin Eye Compound 10M
49 Chest Tonic 200ch
50 Epilepsy 1M
51 Earache 30ch
52 Left Sided Pain 200ch
53 Right Sided Pain 200ch
54 Spasm 1M
55 Menses Pain 200CM
56 Menses Bleeding 1M
57 Heart palpitations 30ch
58 Hand Rheumatism 30ch
59 Pain 10M
60 Herpes 30ch
61 Acne 200
62 Allergy-B 200
63 Back-up 30
64 Bad Temper Mix 200
65 Bedwetting 30
66 Bilharzia 1M
67 Calcium Mix 30
68 Cataract Compound B 50M
69 CB 8 for nervous system
70 CB 9 for chest complaints
71 CCA for coughs
72 Cleansing Mix 6x
73 Croup Mix 30
74 DB Mix for Diabetes/Pancreas 6x
75 Debility 200
76 Dysnoea 30c
77 Ear nerve Mix 200c
78 Epilepsy B 30c
79 Flu Pack 10M
80 Gastro Mix 200c
81 Glandular Fever mix 50M
82 Gout mix 30c
83 Grief Mix CM
84 Hair Tonic 6x
85 Headache Bloodpressure 1M
86 Immunity CM
87 Measles Mix CM
88 Meniere’s Disease 50M
89 Mouth and Gum Mix 30
90 Nutrition 50M
91 Paramedic Rescue 50M
92 Post Nasal Drip 30c
93 Prostrate Mix 30
94 Pterigeum Mix 50M
95 Rescue Plus cm
96 Scar Tissue 6x
97 Sciatic Mix 10M
98 Shingles 200
99 Sinus 6x
100 Skin-F 30 for Blisters and Eczema of the feet
101 Skin-H 30 for dry skin conditions
102 Skin itch 30c for itching anywhere on the body
103 Stings and Bites 10M
104 Tops for Memory/Brain
105 Viscum Alb Compound (F) 12x for Cancers, Malignancies
106 Viscum Alb Compound (FG) 12x for Female Genitals
107 Viscum Alb Compound (M) 12x for Male
108 Viscum Alb Compound (M&F) 12x for both Male/Female
109 Vision 50M
110 Essiac 3x
111 Portal Clearance 3x
112 S.O.S. 3x for true Septicemia
113 Inflammation 30
114 Elimination 6x
115 Venereal Mix 200
116 Malaria Extra Strength 200




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