Balance Remedies



Lung Balance
Homeo - Ant. Tart., Ipecac, Kali Bich, Nat Sulph, Oxygen, Strep Haem.
Organo - Adrenalin, Bronchi, Cardiac plexus, Diaphragm, Histamine, Lung, Lung Meridian, Lung Tissue, Phrenic Nerve, Thyroid, Vagus Nerve.
Usage - All respiratory problems, including Asthma
Dosage - In all asthma cases, give once a day. In other cases, 3 x daily. As the condition eases reduce to 1x daily for a long period.

Female Balance
Homeo - Aurum, Nat Mur, Caulophylum, Endocrine Integrity, Lachesis, Sepia, Pulsatilla.
Organo - Anterior Pituitary, Endometrium, FSH Hormone, Fallopian Tube, Oestrogen, Ovary, Uterus.
Usage - All female complaints. Balances Hormones, Endocrine System and Chakras.
Dosage - 3 x per day and when the system is balances reduce to 1 x daily for a good while.


Listed below are the rest of the remedies that exist within this category:-(all 50M potency)

BR 01 Anaemia Balance
BR 02 Blood Sugar Balance
BR 03 Depression Balance
BR 04 Fear Balance
BR 05 Heart Balance
BR 06 Hysteria Balance
BR 07 Stress Balance
BR 08 Constipation Balance
BR 09 Digestion Balance
BR 10 Fever& Infection Balance
BR 11 Kidney Balance
BR 12 Liver Balance
BR 13 Allergy Balance
BR 14 Lung Balance
BR 15 Sinus Balance
BR 16 Female Balance
BR 17 Male Balance
BR 18 Circulation Balance
BR 19 Ear Balance
BR 20 Eye Balance
BR 21 Injury Balance
BR 22 Paralysis Balance
BR 23

Skeletal Balance

NEW BALANCE REMEDIES:- ADRENAL BALANCE 50M- Adrenal Gland ACTH - Cortisol, Adrenaline Sympathetic Nervous Syste, Tyrosine (amino acids), Endocrine Integrity, Kidney Meridian

THYROID BALANCE 50M:-  Endocrine Integrity (Tansley), Sympathetic Nervous System, Triple Warmer eridian, Thyroid, Anterior Pituitary, Tyrosine (amino acids), Selenium Cortisone Cholesterol



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