Norma Harman (re-named Matay Narayani) was introduced to homeopathi and was guided by Swami Venkatesananda. They wanted to bring a quick relief to the suffering of many people many years ago. Incorporating their knowledge of single and combination remedies into clinical work in South Africa in the 1970.

They soon discovered that they were getting excellent results with these combinations and began travelling around different parts of Asia, India and Mauritius, giving relief to thousands of sick people.

Healing centres were established in various parts of Asia in the 1970s and continued to spread throughout India from Rishikesh to Bangalore and from Bombay to Gujarat. In the latter the Soham Centre was established as the focal point for all the other clinics.

The Soham Centre is a charity run by Indian Homeopaths, who are referred to as Doctors.  The centre runs acute clinics twice daily thus bringing relief to thousand of sick people. The Soham centre relies on donations to maintain their charitable work.

So far these Narayani  Combination Remedies have been proven to be very effective, bringing about positive healing results.

Many orthodox homeopaths may shudder at the idea of combination remedies, feeling that in using mixtures we have turned away from the Master’s (Hahnemann) teaching.  This is not so, we have added not subtracted!  We have found that in combining remedies, we know that each one does not have its own personal sharp edge, but they act more as an initial stabilizer and often after a week or a month, depending on the case, the true single remedy needed stands out clearly, like a star!


Each Narayani Set contains 6 kinds of combination remedies:
  (homeopathic combination remedies)
  (combos of combos)
5) CHAKRAS 1-9
All together the set contains 236 combination remedies, in 10ml droppers complete within a wooden carry case ( case, bottles and droppers all purchased from the homeopathic supply company) and also with 2 hard-bound books containing comprehensive guidance-notes on each remedy and its most effective use. The books bring a deep insight into understanding the mental and emotional causes of disease and make a very interesting read. 

Homeopaths will find these unique combinations a welcome extention of the received traditional homeopathic Materia Medica, as they have been proven to bring about rapid and effective relief while the practitioner unravels the case.

It is easy to see that such an addition to ones practice will help to foster trust in your work with the patient, thus encouraging them to stay with you till the cure is reached. Listed on the left are a few of the remedies from each section, each remedy has an extensive breakdown, the areas that the remedy is working on and usage.

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